Our approach is backed by decades of brain research

We provide comprehensive developmental evaluations

Our team works together to identify how your child is developing in the areas of sensory development, emotional development, cognitive development, motor development, and communication.

This process helps us to learn if your child has the skills they need to be successful with their daily activities.

We develop comprehensive developmental treatment plans

Our team treatment plans:
  • support your child's ability to use verbal and nonverbal communication to express themselves.
  • support your child's ability to eat and drink family foods safely, and maintain adequate nutrition for their overall health.
  • support your child's ability to move independently and to participate in their activities of daily living.
  • support your child's ability to cope with stress and manage their mental health.
  • support your child's ability to respond to others in ways that improve the quality of their relationships.

We provide individualized intervention

Our interventions are:
  • based on current evidence-based research
  • functional
  • embedded within family routines, priorities, and interests
  • trauma-informed and culturally responsive


These interventions take place:
  • at homes
  • at your child's school or daycare
  • during daily routines or activities in the community
  • during our Therapeutic Groups
  • other environments that your child needs support to be successful in