We offer the services listed below for children and their families within the natural environment as well as at our clinic. Click on the links below to download brochures for the following services:


Feeding Therapy

There are many different reasons why your child could reject foods or have a limited diet. Our intervention focuses on identifying as many of those reasons as possible so that we can develop a plan that helps to make mealtimes more fun for your entire family.



Speech Therapy for

      Communication Disorders

     Delayed Expressive Language

     Delayed Speech Sounds

     Fluency Disorders


No matter the reason why your child needs or will benefit from speech therapy, our focus is always on promoting their ability to communicate effectively and without frustration in all environments they find themselves in.



Therapeutic Groups

Our therapeutic groups focus on teaching age appropriate developmental skills in a fun, natural environment. They are designed to help children to learn specific skills with the one-on-one support of our therapists and to help them practice using these skills where they need them the most – during daily interactions with their peers and in the community. We encourage parent involvement and participation during every session and provide individual strategies for practice at home and in the community after each session.

Each session is facilitated by a lead therapist and at least one other therapist, and involves evidence-based group and individualized therapeutic activities; all so that each child has the support they need to participate, and parents have the support they need to practice with them outside of therapy time.



Therapeutic Learning Programs

Our year-round therapeutic learning programs are designed to provide natural learning opportunities for preschoolers to build relationships with their peers while laying the foundation for their pre-academic skills. Click here to submit an enrollment application.  

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